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VAPOR Thumb Release, RealTree Camo 4-Finger picture
VAPOR Thumb Release, RealTree Camo 4-Finger
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USD$ 119.95


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You may not have dreamed it could be this good. A revolutionary thumb-trigger direct linkage HUNTING RELEASE! No cocking, no mechanism or release noise! Always ready to shoot. This release has to be shot to believe how good it is! The thumb trigger is directly connected to the hook on the bowstring that releases w/ an over-center mechanism. The linkage works against spring tension. The hook opens as the trigger is pulled & closes the moment the trigger is let go. BUT once pressure is applied to the hook during draw, the hook does not move until release. You feel no trigger travel--simply increase thumb pressure until release happens. How much pressure is required before release is fully adjustable. There is a wide range of adjustments for thumb barrel height, fore & aft, & angle positions. Space age coating & hardening gives incredible durability & smoothness. The handle is CAMO ON THE RIGHT SIDE & BLACK ON THE LEFT.
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