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Premium Unfinished Cedar 11/32 Shafts (1 doz) picture
Premium Unfinished Cedar 11/32 Shafts (1 doz)
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USD$ 55.57
Bow Weight



For the traditional archer. Cedar is considered by many to be the finest arrow shaft material available. No nock, point or fletching are provided. Typical nock & point attachment would require tapering the shaft ends (different tapers for nocks vs. points) & affixing a nock w/ nock glue & a point w/ hot glue. Most traditional archers would choose feather fletching of the desired length & cut. Premium grade 11/32 cedar unfinished shafts 32" in length. Range from ~335 plus/minus 35 grains for lower spines to ~410 plus/minus 35 grains for stiffer shafts. Pack of 1 doz. Choose bow weights 35/40#, 45/50#, 50/55#, 55/60#, 60/65# or 65/70#.
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