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ECLIPSE Thumb Release, 3-Finger picture
ECLIPSE Thumb Release, 3-Finger
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Many shooters will find this release to be the perfect fit w/ the handle off-set from 90 degrees. One shot w/ this release will give you an immediate sensation of exquisite comfort. The less bulky 3-finger handle is for those who desire the 3 finger hold. Precision adjustment points allow a Target Shooter or Hunter to fine-tune the action to individual requirements. One each screw adjustment provided for trigger travel & tension; comes w/ changeable light or heavy trigger tension springs. Thumb post on the trigger adjusts for projection, tilt & distance. Space age coating & hardening gives incredibly hard working parts surfaces yet no brittleness inside, resulting in incredible durability & smoothness. Comes w/ instructions, a light trigger tension spring installed, an optional wrist lanyard & a packet containing an alternate heavy trigger tension spring & hex keys needed to make adjustments.
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